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Through community-driven partnerships, we are creating greater racial, economic, and health equity that enables all people in King County to thrive and prosper.

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Communities of Opportunity is a network of residents, communities, decision-makers, and funders who believe every community can be a healthy, thriving community—and that equity and racial justice are both necessary and achievable. We are dedicated to eliminating racial, health, and economic disparities and to transforming how we create health and well-being for all people. Together, we’re advancing community-based priorities, tapping into existing community expertise and leadership, and shaping policies to promote equity.  

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Starting in 2014 as a partnership between King County and the Seattle Foundation, the initiative has grown to more than 150 organizations partnering together, with the voices of hundreds of community members guiding the way.  

To measure progress on our four focus areas, community partners are working with our national and local evaluation team to identify the most salient evaluation questions, plan the evaluation design, select relevant and appropriate performance measures and data collection methods, and gather data and interpret findings.


Our Work

When community members have voice and power in the decisions that impact their communities, and express it through civic engagement and leadership, it leads to broader community and policy changes that assure racial, health, and economic equity. Therefore, three reinforcing elements are at the heart of Communities of Opportunity.

  1. Geographic & cultural community partnerships

  2. Policy & systems change

  3. Learning community

This new process of empowering local communities to identify their priorities, which exist at the intersection of health, housing and economic opportunity will bring positive changes to places throughout King County that have struggled for much too long.
— Gordon McHenry Jr., President and CEO of Solid Ground
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