Rainier Valley

Community-led transformation

COO supports four primary coalitions who are strengthening community connections and advancing health, housing, and economic opportunities in Rainier Valley. Together, these coalitions represent more than 40 individual organizations, community groups, and small business owners, many of whom are led by people of color, immigrants, and refugees.

Their combined work through COO aims to make the Rainier Valley community’s vision a reality. Each coalition includes several projects focused on addressing community priorities for improving health and well-being. Read below for information about each coalition and their main projects.


On Board Othello

On Board Othello is a coalition of Southeast Seattle community leaders working to create equitable growth for the Othello neighborhood that is grounded in community. On Board Othello and community partners are working together to foster a strong sense of place for Othello residents and businesses to grow.


othello square

Rainier Valley community leaders are working together to design Othello Square — an integrated, culturally-relevant, and welcoming community-led built environment project. At Othello Square, people in Southeast Seattle and beyond will have access to the Multi-Cultural Community Center, a preschool and high school, a business incubator, cooperatively owned and affordable housing, and a health clinic.

This space will integrate cultural organizations and workforce housing to engage diverse residents and help stabilize communities at risk of displacement.

healthy othello safer through environmental design (hosted)

HOSTED is a team of devoted community leaders who are working together to create a healthier, safer Othello neighborhood. Through neighborhood beautification projects and community-led crime prevention, HOSTED aims to increase safety, physical activity, and civic engagement in the Othello neighborhood.


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the beet box

This pop-up space opened its doors to Othello residents in spring 2018. The Beet Box’s mission is to offer a welcoming space for community gathering where neighbors can engage in nutrition classes, gardening workshops, and community potlucks.

Read more about the Beet Box here.


Multi-cultural Community center

The Multi-cultural Community Center (MCC) coalition is a group of eight community organizations in Southeast Seattle that aims to build power across immigrant and refugee communities so they can shape policies and practices that impact their lives.

multi-cultural communities ownership space

MCC is working together to design a community-owned and community-driven, multicultural co-working space in Rainier Valley that will serve serve as an anchor for community-based organizations. The center would help relieve the rent burden of these organizations and allow them to invest more resources into programmatic work.

youth 4 peace project

The Youth 4 Peace Project builds the capacity of MCC youth through student leadership and advocacy training. Through community dialogue and presentations, youth share their message of violence awareness and peace through youth voice and creativity.

Othello Square - small.png

Rainier Beach Action Coalition

Rainier Beach Action Coalition (RBAC) is a non-profit organization that is building a connected, sustainable and equitable Rainier Beach community. Their mission is to build neighborhood capacity to enhance quality of life in Rainier Beach through food business empowerment, education and training opportunities, and community-led safety programs.


Food Innovation center

RBAC is laying the groundwork for the creation of a Food Innovation Center in Rainier Beach, which would provide a home to community-owned healthy food businesses, food industry education, and a community kitchen and gathering hall.

They are currently implementing a local food and health awareness campaign, increasing community kitchen access and cooking classes at neighborhood community centers, and have established a community farm stand. Through these efforts, they are promoting a positive business environment, spurring regional food system development, and increasing access to local food.


A beautiful safe place for youth

This groundbreaking program is curbing violence in Rainier Valley through non-arrest, community-led solutions. Using a data-driven approach, RBAC identified five “hotspots” in the Rainier Beach neighborhood where neighborhood volunteers, known as Corner Greeters, bring people together to foster conversation and interactions that build community. Through this program, they aim to reduce youth victimization and crime in Rainier Beach.


South communities organizing for racial & Regional equity


South Communities Organizing for Racial & Regional Equity (SouthCORE) is a growing multi-racial coalition of community and member-based organizations rooted in South King County. Their mission is to be an organized voice for community-controlled and inspired development of Rainier Valley neighborhoods where all community members are socially included, economically self-sufficient, politically engaged, and are at the forefront of shaping the future of the region.

Graham street planning

Through community-based planning, SouthCORE is working with community stakeholders to create a shared vision for equitable transit-oriented development in the Graham Street link station area.

mha re-zone implementation

SouthCORE is advancing opportunities for living wage jobs, culturally relevant businesses, and community ownership in the rezoning of Rainier Valley’s Urban Villages.

Communities of Opportunity isn’t just about bringing new resources to the areas where they are most needed — it’s also about tapping into existing community assets, and strengthening the capacity of communities to proactively tackle these new challenges.
— Deanna Dawson, Executive Director, Sound Cities Association
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