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The Ancestral Healing Conference

  • Langston Hughes Cultural Arts 104 17th Avenue South Seattle, WA, 98144 United States (map)

Saturday, October 12 to Sunday, October 13th
Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center

The Awakening

Our Ancestral Healing Conference, symposiums and workshops are created to focus on Black families, cultural patterns, and provide  holistic approaches aimed to implement healing programs which address mental dysfunctions as a result of generational and generalized trauma, assimilation and acculturation.

The basis of our work is not only warranted but evidenced through research facilitated by Black psychologists for more than half a century during critical eras relative to racial inequities and mental oppression.  Therefore, we are of the consensus that if the fields of mental health is to embrace and utilize African-Centered healing models, it first has to embrace the academic Black psychologies, research and theories behind them to further create and implement academic curricula challenges, additions and its proposed modifications based on African-Centered Thought.